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How the My Auction Spotter Tool Works

Logging into your account brings you directly to your messages tab where you can see any new messages received. Quickly and easily switch to view and edit your profile on the “Profile” tab, view a list of all available buyers and transporters on the “View Current Buyers, Transporters and Vendors ” tab, and see any new invoices on your “Invoices” tab.

Search professional buyers or transporters by state or auctions they attend. Click view info to view the spotters, transporters and vendors profile and initiate a conversation to engage their services.

View spotters, transporters or vendors profile, ratings, and initiate a conversation.

Determine a price to inspect, purchase, or transport a vehicle at an auction.

For your convenience we have a document center, that accesses Auction Access documents to add and remove buyers, as well as Tax Documents.

Work is then invoiced by spotters,transporters and vendors via our online invoicing system

Payments can then be made via our online payment system or by direct mail to the buyer.