About our Services

At My Auction Spotter, we offer licensed automotive dealers the ability to order Pre-Auction Inspections to gain additional information and photos before bidding online or in the lane! Our network of professional spotters have years of experience in the automotive industry. We currently service the following auctions:

Adesa Boston 

Adesa Concord

America’s Auto Auction Boston

Central Mass Auto Auction

Statewide Auto Auction

Quincy Auto Auction

Our professional spotters can: 

*Dash Lights  

*Validate a Condition Report.

*Provide additional photos.

*Spot for Smell, Smoke and Nasty Odors?

*Verify the Presence of Books and keys and shift knobs?
*Verify the presence Navigation discs and DVD accessories?
*How long a unit has been at the sale and who is the selling dealer? 

We offer 4 Spotter Packages:


“Needed a Nissan Altima for a customer so instead of spending all day at the auction I ordered a pre-auction inspection and bid online, the whole process was easy”

Matt Laramie Buyer Northend Motors

“Buying trucks and campers all over the country can be a challenge but with the ability to have eyes and ears on the ground to check them out prior to me bidding online has saved me thousands. Now there are no surprises when I get the units transported back”

Autowright Motor Co. West Boylston, MA

Mike Lacialla, Buying Manager

“This service has allowed me to save time and money on travel and be more effective at my dealership highly recommend”

Richfield Bloomington Honda, Minneapolis, MN

Dan Peterson, Inventory Manager

“Ran into traffic on my way to the auction but was still able to buy 3 cars before I got there utilizing the network of buyer’s on the site time is money”

Kristie’s Auto Sales East Windsor, CT

Eric Hewitt, Buyer

“I had a spotter check out 2 escapes for me, after looking at the first one I passed based on the codes that came up on the check engine light, however the 2nd one was perfect and fit the bill for my customer. The process was easy I recommend it to any dealer who can’t make it to the auction, or as a safety net bidding online”

Rick Ramstrom, Owner